What are the awards and accolades received by Old Raj gin?

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Old Raj Gin is an award-winning gin distilled in Scotland. It is renowned for its unique flavour, created using saffron as its key botanical. Old Raj has been awarded a number of accolades since it was first launched in 2003, including:

International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC):
• Gold Medal (2014)
• Silver Medal (2013, 2011, 2009 and 2007)

World Spirits Competition:
• Double Gold Medal (2012)

San Francisco World Spirits Competition:

• Silver Medal (2011 and 2012)Old Raj Gin is a premium gin produced in Scotland that has been around since the 1940s. It has a unique flavor and aroma, derived from the juniper berries used in its distillation process. The recipe is closely guarded, so the exact ingredients are unknown, but it is thought to include a combination of botanicals such as lemon peel, coriander, angelica root and grains of paradise.

Old Raj Gin is renowned for its smooth taste and distinctive yellow-gold color. It has been awarded medals at numerous spirit competitions over the years, including the International Wine & Spirits Competition and The Global Gin Masters.

The gin can be enjoyed neat or as part of a cocktail such as a classic martini or Negroni. It is also popularly matched with tonic water for a refreshing G&T. Whatever your preference, Old Raj Gin provides an unforgettably smooth drinking experience every time!

History of Old Raj Gin

Old Raj Gin is an iconic gin brand that has been around since the 1950s. The brand was first created by two Scottish brothers, William and John Ross, who wanted to create a unique and distinctive gin that would stand out on the market. The gin was initially made with juniper berries and other botanicals steeped in a base of grain spirit. After much experimentation, the brothers finally settled on a recipe that they believed gave Old Raj Gin its unique flavor and character.

Old Raj has become known for its distinct bright yellow label with a black crown logo, which symbolises the British Raj period of Indian history. The recipe for Old Raj remains largely unchanged since its creation in the 1950s and it continues to be made with juniper berries as well as other botanicals such as coriander, angelica root, lemon peel and orris root.

Old Raj is best enjoyed neat or over ice but it can also be used in cocktails such as martinis or gin & tonics. It has a strong juniper flavour which makes it perfect for use in classic gin cocktails. Old Raj has become popular with bartenders due to its unique flavour profile and is often used as a base spirit in creative cocktail recipes.

Old Raj Gin is now available in many countries around the world and continues to be enjoyed by gin connoisseurs everywhere. It’s distinctive flavour profile makes it an essential ingredient for any home bar or cocktail menu. Whether you prefer it neat, over ice or in a cocktail, Old Raj is sure to please any palate!

Awards and Accolades Received by Old Raj Gin

Old Raj Gin has been recognised for its exceptional quality gin and has been awarded several awards, including a double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, a double gold medal at the International Wine & Spirit Competition, and a gold medal at the International Spirits Challenge. It was also rated as one of the ‘World’s Most Highly Recommended Gins’ by The Telegraph in 2019.

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The gin has been praised for its smoothness, complexity and balance of flavours, with tasting notes of citrus, juniper, cardamom and ginger. It is made with rare saffron threads which give it an unmistakable golden hue and provide an added depth of flavour.

Old Raj Gin is also highly sought after by bartenders and mixologists around the world for its versatility in cocktail recipes. The brand is featured in some of the top bars and restaurants in London, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo and beyond. Old Raj Gin has become a go-to spirit for many renowned mixologists looking to craft unique cocktails with classic ingredients.

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition is one of the most prestigious and influential spirits competitions in the world. It is held annually in San Francisco, California, and offers a unique platform for distilleries to showcase their products to an expert panel of international judges. The competition is open to all distilled spirits categories, including whiskey, vodka, brandy, rum, liqueurs, and more. Entries are judged based on a variety of criteria such as flavor profile, aroma, finish, packaging design and overall quality. The competition has grown steadily since its inception in 2000 and now attracts hundreds of entries each year from around the globe.

The judging panel consists of some of the most experienced and respected figures in the spirits industry. These experts use their knowledge and expertise to evaluate each entry on its own merits and award medals accordingly. Gold medals are awarded for exceptional quality while silver medals are awarded for good quality and bronze medals are awarded for average or below average quality. Once all entries have been judged, the winners are announced at an awards ceremony held at the end of the competition. Winners receive recognition from their peers as well as global media attention.

The experience of participating in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition is invaluable for any distillery or producer looking to gain recognition for their product. Not only does it provide valuable feedback from experts in the field but it also acts as a platform for producers to showcase their brands on an international stage. As such, many distilleries use this opportunity to launch new products or gain greater visibility within the industry by winning awards at this highly respected event.

International Wine & Spirits Competition

The International Wine & Spirits Competition is one of the world’s most prestigious and influential wine and spirits competitions. It is an annual event that evaluates wines and spirits from all over the world. Each year, hundreds of experts from across the globe come together to judge and award wines and spirits that meet their strict standards. The competition recognizes excellence in winemaking, distilling, blending, and packaging by awarding medals to those products that demonstrate outstanding quality. The competition is also an opportunity for producers to learn about new international trends in wine and spirits production, as well as make valuable connections within the industry.

The judging panel consists of leading industry experts from around the world with a deep understanding of wine and spirit production. They evaluate each product on its aroma, appearance, flavor profile, texture, and overall impression. Each submission is given a score out of 100 based on these criteria. The top-scoring products are then awarded medals ranging from bronze to gold. In addition to medal awards, certain products may also receive special commendations such as “Best in Class” or “Best in Show”.

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The International Wine & Spirits Competition provides a unique opportunity for producers to showcase their products on a global stage. By taking part in the competition, producers can gain recognition for their hard work while also gaining valuable feedback from industry professionals. For consumers it is an excellent way to find quality wines and spirits that have been thoroughly tested by experts.

Whether you are a producer or consumer looking for quality wines or spirits, the International Wine & Spirits Competition is sure to provide you with everything you need!


The International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) is a prestigious event which recognises and rewards excellence in the international wine and spirits industry. The competition has been running for over 50 years, and each year, hundreds of producers enter their products in a range of categories. The IWSC is unique in that it assesses products on both quality and packaging, as well as considering the overall value for money of each product.

Judging Process

The judging process at the International Wine and Spirit Competition is rigorous and thorough. Each entry is assessed by an experienced panel of judges, who evaluate the product according to its aroma, taste, texture, and overall quality. The judges are made up of industry experts from all over the world, who have extensive knowledge in their respective fields.

The judging process is broken down into two stages: blind tasting and assessment of packaging. During the blind tasting stage, each product is tasted without any labels or other identifying features to ensure that all entries are judged on an equal footing. After this stage has been completed, the panel assesses each product’s packaging to determine how it would be presented to consumers.


At the end of the competition, awards are presented to those entries which have excelled in both taste and packaging. These awards are highly sought-after by producers around the world, as they provide an excellent platform for marketing their products to a global audience. In addition to this recognition, winners also receive a certificate stating that their products have been judged by experts in their field.


The International Wine and Spirit Competition is one of the most respected events in the international wine and spirits industry. It provides an excellent platform for producers to showcase their products on a global level, while also providing recognition for those entries that have excelled in both quality and packaging design. With such rigorous standards being applied to every entry, winning an award at this competition is no easy feat – but one that can provide huge benefits for companies looking to expand their customer base worldwide.

The Fifty Best Awards

The Fifty Best Awards is an annual event that celebrates the best products from all around the world. It recognizes excellence in a broad range of categories, from food and drinks to home goods and services. The awards are judged by an independent panel of experts who evaluate each product based on its quality, innovation, and value. The awards are given to products that stand out for their high-quality ingredients, unique flavors, and unique designs. The Fifty Best Awards also recognize companies that have made significant progress in sustainability and environmental stewardship.

Each year, the awards are presented at a special ceremony in New York City. It is attended by industry leaders, celebrities, media personnel, and other guests from around the world. During the ceremony, the winners are presented with a trophy that symbolizes their achievement. The Fifty Best Awards also provides media coverage through press releases, interviews with the awardees, product reviews, and other forms of publicity.

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The Fifty Best Awards have been honored many times throughout its history for its commitment to recognizing excellence in products across many industries. It has been recognized by numerous organizations such as the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), Food & Wine Magazine, National Geographic Magazine, and more. It has also been featured on major news networks such as CNN and ABC News. The Fifty Best Awards is an internationally recognized event that celebrates excellence in products from around the world.

In addition to recognizing outstanding products each year at its annual ceremony, the Fifty Best Awards also provides educational programs for students and professionals who want to explore new ideas in product design or learn more about sustainable practices in business operations. Through these initiatives they seek to foster creativity while promoting responsible management practices among companies worldwide.

Los Angeles International Wine Competition

The Los Angeles International Wine Competition is an event that allows winemakers from around the world to showcase their finest products. Each year, hundreds of wines are entered and judged by a panel of industry experts. The competition awards Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals to the best wines in each category. The competition also recognizes wineries with special awards for Best of Show and Best of Region. This is an opportunity for winemakers to gain recognition for their hard work and dedication to producing quality wines.

The judging process includes sensory evaluation, where the judges assess the appearance, aroma, flavor and overall impression of the wine. Technical data is also considered in the final scoring including residual sugar levels, acidity levels, tannin levels and alcohol levels. All entries are blind tasted in a controlled environment to ensure fairness throughout the judging process.

The Los Angeles International Wine Competition has become one of the most prestigious events in the wine industry. Each year, wineries from around the world compete for one of the coveted awards that will bring them recognition and praise from peers in the industry. It is a great opportunity for winemakers to show off their skills and gain recognition for their hard work.


Old Raj Gin is a popular gin brand that has been around for decades and continues to produce high-quality spirits. It has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades, including The Best London Dry Gin at the International Wine & Spirits Competition and The Best Classic Gin at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Its popularity lies in its smooth taste and unique flavor profile, making it a favorite among gin enthusiasts. The brand has become a staple in many bars and restaurants across the world, as well as an inspiration for new flavors and cocktails. Old Raj Gin is an excellent example of how a spirit can stand the test of time, continually providing drinkers with an enjoyable drinking experience.

It is no surprise that Old Raj Gin has won so many awards over the years, as its quality and flavor are unmatched. As it continues to innovate with new products and flavors, there is no doubt that its awards will continue to grow in number. Old Raj Gin is truly an exemplary spirit that warrants all of the recognition it has received throughout its illustrious history.



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