Old Tom Gin is a traditional style of gin that was popular in England during the 18th and 19th centuries. It is characterized by its sweet taste, which comes from the addition of sugar or licorice root during production. It is slightly less juniper-forward than London Dry gin and has a smoother, more mellow flavor profile.

Old Tom gin is an essential ingredient in many classic cocktail recipes including the Martinez, Tom Collins, Negroni, and Ramos Gin Fizz. It is also commonly used to make a variety of punches and other drinks.Old Tom Gin is a type of gin that was popular during the 18th century in England. It has a sweeter, softer taste than London Dry Gin and has a higher sugar content. Old Tom Gin was made possible by creating a stronger distilled spirit by adding more grain and then sweetening it with sugar or other sweeteners like licorice or treacle. It was usually bottled in ceramic jugs or wooden barrels.

Old Tom Gins has been making a comeback in recent years, as distillers create new interpretations of the classic style. These modern versions are typically less sweet, but still have the same flavor profile as the original Old Tom Gin. They often have more of an herbal and spicy character than London Dry Gins, making them ideal for cocktails like Negroni and Tom Collins.

History of Old Tom Gin

Old Tom gin is a sweetened style of gin that originated in England during the 18th century. It was popular during the Victorian era and remained so until Prohibition in the United States. The name “Old Tom” comes from a type of wooden cask which was used to store gin. The cask would have a wooden plaque with a cat’s face carved into it, and people would pour coins into the cat’s mouth to buy a shot of gin.

Old Tom gin is made from juniper berries, coriander, citrus peel, and other botanicals. It is usually slightly sweeter than London Dry Gin due to the addition of sugar or other sweeteners. Its flavor profile is often described as having more body and sweetness than London Dry Gin but less than Genever, which is a Dutch style of malty gin.

Old Tom has experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years as craft distilleries have begun making their own versions of this classic spirit. Many of these craft Old Toms are made with unique ingredients such as spices, fruits, herbs, or even honey to create unique flavor profiles that are distinct from traditional London Dry Gins.

The resurgence of Old Tom has also prompted some bars and restaurants to start creating cocktails using this style of gin, such as the classic Tom Collins or new creations like the Old Tom Gimlet or Negroni. Whether served neat or mixed into cocktails, Old Tom Gin is sure to bring its signature sweetness and complexity wherever it goes!

Ingredients That Make Up Old Tom Gin

Old Tom Gin is a type of gin that is sweeter and more aromatic than traditional London dry gin. It was popular in the 18th century and is making a comeback today. The unique flavor of Old Tom Gin comes from its ingredients, which include juniper berries, coriander, angelica root, orris root, cardamom, lemon peel, orange peel, licorice root and cassia bark.

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Juniper berries provide the classic gin flavor to Old Tom Gin. Juniper has an intense pine-like aroma that works well with the other botanicals to create a complex and flavorful spirit. Coriander adds a warm earthy note while angelica root adds herbaceousness with a hint of spice. Orris root has a subtle violet-like flavor that adds complexity to the gin.

Cardamom has a sweet flavor with hints of citrus and floral notes that contribute to the overall flavor profile of Old Tom Gin. Lemon peel provides citrusy brightness while orange peel adds sweetness and depth to the gin’s flavor. Licorice root provides sweet licorice notes while cassia bark adds a spicy note that helps balance out the sweetness of other botanicals in the gin.

The combination of these ingredients creates an incredibly complex and flavorful spirit that is perfect for enjoying on its own or mixing into cocktails like martinis or gimlets. Old Tom Gin is an excellent choice for those looking for something different from traditional London dry gins but still want to enjoy all the flavors associated with classic cocktails.

How to Make Old Tom Gin

Old Tom Gin is an English-style gin that has a slightly sweeter taste than most modern gins. It was popular during the 18th century, and it is still popular today. Making Old Tom Gin at home is an easy process that only takes a few days. Here’s how to make your own Old Tom Gin:

1. Start with a good base spirit. You want something that has a clean flavor profile and doesn’t have any off-flavors. Vodka or grain alcohol work well for this, as do some light rums.

2. Infuse the base spirit with botanicals to give it the characteristic gin flavor. Common botanicals include juniper berries, coriander, angelica root, citrus peel, and cardamom.

3. Let the mixture sit for 3-5 days so that the flavors can meld together.

4. Strain out the botanicals and bottle your gin.

5. If you want to create an even sweeter Old Tom Gin, add sugar or simple syrup to taste before bottling.

Making your own Old Tom Gin at home is easy and allows you to customize the flavor profile to fit your tastes. Have fun experimenting!

Different Types of Old Tom Gin

Old Tom Gin is a type of gin that was popular in the 18th and 19th centuries. It is sweeter than London Dry Gin, and has a more robust flavor. Old Tom Gin is made by infusing juniper berries, coriander, angelica root, and other botanicals in a base spirit. The result is a spirit that can be enjoyed neat, or used to make classic cocktails such as the Tom Collins or Martinez.

Today, there are several different types of Old Tom Gin available on the market. The main difference between them lies in the distillation process used to create them. The most common types are London-Style Old Tom Gin, Dutch-Style Old Tom Gin, and Barrel-Aged Old Tom Gin.

London-Style Old Tom Gin is distilled using a traditional London dry method. This type of gin is characterized by its dryness and subtle botanical flavors. It has less sweetness than other types of Old Tom Gins and tends to be more fragrant.

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Dutch-Style Old Tom Gins are distilled using a pot still method similar to that used for whiskey production. This type of gin is usually sweeter than London-Style Old Toms due to the use of caramelized sugar during the distillation process. It also tends to have a fuller flavor profile with notes of spice and herbs.

Barrel-Aged Old Tom Gins are aged in oak barrels for several months before being bottled. This aging process gives the gin an added complexity as well as notes of woody flavors from the barrel itself. These types of gins tend to be smoother and more robust in flavor than their unaged counterparts.

No matter which type you choose, there’s sure to be an Old Tom Gin that suits your taste!

Serving Suggestions for Old Tom Gin

Old Tom Gin is a classic spirit that has been enjoyed for centuries. This smooth, slightly sweet gin has a unique flavor that lends itself to a variety of drinks and cocktails. From classic gin and tonics to innovative new takes on the Martini, there are plenty of ways to enjoy Old Tom Gin. Here are some delicious serving suggestions for this timeless spirit.

For a refreshing take on the classic cocktail, try making an Old Tom Gin & Tonic. Start by filling a highball glass with ice cubes, then pour in 2 ounces of Old Tom Gin. Top it off with tonic water and add some slices of lime or lemon for extra flavor.

The Martini is another popular classic that tastes great with Old Tom Gin. Start by filling a shaker with ice and adding 4 ounces of gin. Add 1 ounce dry vermouth and stir until chilled. Strain into an ice-cold martini glass and garnish with an olive or lemon twist. For an extra dose of sweetness, try adding a teaspoon of simple syrup before stirring the mixture.

For something unexpected, make an Old Tom Martinez. This twist on the classic Martini starts by combining 3 ounces of gin, ½ ounce sweet vermouth, ¼ ounce Maraschino liqueur and 2 dashes orange bitters in a shaker filled with ice cubes. Shake until chilled and strain into a chilled coupe glass before garnishing with an orange twist.

Finally, for something truly unique, try making an Aviation cocktail – made with equal parts gin, maraschino liqueur, crème de violette and fresh lemon juice topped off with sparkling soda water for added effervescence. Pour all ingredients (except the soda water) into a shaker filled with ice cubes and shake until chilled before straining into a Collins glass over fresh ice cubes before topping off with soda water.

These are just some of the many delicious ways to enjoy Old Tom Gin – so grab your favorite bottle today and get creative!

Pairing Foods with Old Tom Gin

Old Tom Gin is a classic style of gin that has been around since the 1700s. It’s a sweeter style of gin than other styles, making it perfect for pairing with foods. Here are some of our favorite food and Old Tom Gin pairings:

For starters, try pairing Old Tom Gin with salty appetizers like olives, chips and dip, or even nuts. The salty snacks will bring out the sweet notes in the gin and make for a delicious snack.

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For main dishes, Old Tom Gin pairs well with rich fish dishes like salmon or tuna. The sweetness of the gin will balance out the richness of the dish and make for a great combination.

For dessert, Old Tom Gin pairs perfectly with fruit pies or tarts. The sweetness of the gin will complement the tartness of the fruit and make for a delicious finish to any meal.

Finally, if you’re looking for something more unique, try pairing Old Tom Gin with creamy desserts like custards or panna cotta. The creaminess of these desserts will bring out the subtle flavors in the gin to create an indulgent treat.

No matter what you choose to pair your Old Tom Gin with, you can be sure that it will be a delicious combination!

Cocktails Made with Old Tom Gin

Old Tom Gin is a type of gin that originated in the 18th century. It is slightly sweeter than London Dry and has a more subtle flavor profile. Old Tom Gin is perfect for creating cocktails with complex flavors and aromas. Here are some delicious cocktails you can make with Old Tom Gin:

• The Martinez – This classic cocktail is perfect for fans of whiskey, as it combines Old Tom Gin with sweet vermouth, orange bitters, and a hint of maraschino liqueur.

• The Negroni – This Italian classic cocktail combines equal parts Old Tom Gin, sweet vermouth, and Campari. It is a refreshing and slightly bitter concoction that is perfect for sipping on a hot summer day.

• The Aviation – This sophisticated cocktail features a combination of lemon juice, Maraschino liqueur, crème de violette and Old Tom Gin for an aromatic experience.

• The Ramos Fizz – This creamy and aromatic cocktail was invented in New Orleans in the late 19th century. It combines Old Tom Gin with cream, lemon juice, orange flower water, egg whites and soda water for an unforgettable flavor profile.

• The White Lady – This classic cocktail was created in the 1920s and consists of equal parts Old Tom Gin, Cointreau orange liqueur, lemon juice, and egg white. It’s tart yet sweet flavor makes it perfect for sipping on warm summer evenings.

With its unique flavor profile, Old Tom Gin can be used to create some truly unique cocktails that will delight your taste buds!


Old Tom Gin is a classic style of gin that is sweet and flavorful. It has a distinct flavor profile that makes it popular for cocktails, such as the famous Tom Collins. Old Tom Gin is also a great addition to any bar, as its versatility and unique flavor make it an excellent choice for any occasion. With its sweet, easy-to-drink profile, Old Tom Gin has become a staple in many craft bars and cocktail lounges. With its unique taste, it’s sure to be a hit among gin lovers everywhere.

In conclusion, Old Tom Gin is a classic style of gin that offers an interesting and unique flavor profile. It can be used in many cocktails and can easily become the go-to gin for anyone looking for something special to add to their bar collection. Whether you’re enjoying it neat or in a cocktail, Old Tom Gin is sure to please even the most discerning of palettes.



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