What are some popular brands of New Western gin?

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Gin has become an increasingly popular spirit in recent years, and New Western gin is one of the fastest growing categories within the industry. New Western gins are known for their unique flavor profiles, which often feature a variety of botanicals and spices. Some of the most popular brands of New Western gin include:

Hendrick’s – Hendrick’s is a Scottish gin that is infused with cucumber and rose petals, creating a light and refreshing flavor.

Aviation – Aviation Gin is distilled in Portland, Oregon and features notes of juniper, lavender, cardamom and coriander.

Barr Hill – Barr Hill Gin is made in Vermont using honey as its primary botanical. It has a sweet, slightly fruity flavor with hints of citrus.New Western Gin is a style of gin that combines elements of the traditional London Dry style of gin production with new, unique flavors and botanicals from around the world. This type of gin is distilled using traditional methods, but adds a variety of local spices and herbs which produce an entirely new flavor profile. The result is a spirit that is both complex and refreshing.

New Western Gin often features botanicals that are not typically associated with gin such as lavender, rosemary, cardamom and other spices. These botanicals give the gin its unique flavor profile that can range from floral to spicy or citrusy. This type of gin also has a higher proof than the traditional London Dry style, usually ranging between 40-50% ABV.

New Western Gin is quickly becoming popular among craft distillers due to its unique flavor profile and versatility in cocktails. It can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, and can be used as an interesting addition to many classic cocktails such as a Martini or Negroni.

Popular Brands of New Western Gin

New Western gin is an emerging category of gin that is characterized by its unique flavor profile. It typically has a more citrus-forward flavor profile, with notes of juniper, citrus, and other botanicals. This style of gin has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many brands offering up unique twists on the classic recipe.

Here are some of the most popular brands of New Western gin:

Monkey 47: Monkey 47 is a German-based distillery that produces some of the world’s most acclaimed gins. It has a bold juniper flavor, with notes of citrus and spice. The brand also produces a variety of specialty gins that feature unique flavors like elderflower and cranberry.

Hendrick’s: Hendrick’s is a Scottish-based distillery that produces an award-winning gin. It features a unique blend of botanicals including cucumber and rose petals for a refreshingly unique flavor profile.

Bombay Sapphire: Bombay Sapphire is one of the most well-known brands in the gin world. Its signature blend includes 10 different botanicals for a complex yet balanced flavor profile.

Plymouth: Plymouth is another classic brand with a long history in the gin world. It has an herbal flavor profile highlighted by notes of juniper and coriander.

These are just some of the many great options when it comes to New Western gins. With so many different brands to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your tastes!

The Origin of New Western Gin

New Western Gin is a relatively new style of gin that has become popular in the past decade. It is made from a base of grain alcohol and can be flavored with a variety of botanicals such as juniper, citrus, and herbs. Unlike traditional gin, which was traditionally made from a base of juniper berries, New Western Gin uses a variety of different botanicals to give it its unique flavor profile. The result is a highly aromatic and flavorful spirit that has become popular in cocktails and mixed drinks.

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New Western Gin was created by a group of bartenders in the early 2000s. They wanted to create an alternative to traditional styles of gin that would still be flavorful and aromatic but also have more complexity and depth than traditional gins. To achieve this, they used a variety of botanicals to create an entirely new flavor profile for their gin. Some examples include: juniper, coriander seed, angelica root, cardamom, lemon peel, orange peel, orris root, nutmeg, cassia bark, licorice root and lavender flowers. These ingredients all work together to create an incredibly complex flavor experience that is unique to New Western Gin.

The popularity of New Western Gin has grown exponentially since its inception as bartenders have continued to experiment with different combinations and recipes for their own creations. In recent years it has become one of the most popular styles of gin in the world and has been featured in classic cocktails like the Martini as well as modern favorites like the Negroni and the French 75. For those looking for something truly unique in their cocktails or mixed drinks then New Western Gin is definitely worth trying out!

Distilling Processes Used to Make New Western Gin

New Western Gin is a specialty gin that is made with a unique distilling process. The process involves blending different botanicals and then distilling them in copper stills. The copper stills are heated to the desired temperature and the botanicals are added to the stills, which helps to extract the flavors from the botanicals. After distillation, the gin is then aged in oak barrels for a certain amount of time. This aging process helps to create a smooth and complex flavor profile for the gin.

The types of botanicals used in New Western Gin vary depending on what type of gin is being made. Typical ingredients include juniper, coriander, angelica root, citrus peel, cardamom pods, and other spices. These ingredients are blended together prior to distillation to create the desired flavor profile for each batch of gin. The proportions and ratios of each botanical will be different depending on what type of gin is being made.

Another important aspect of making New Western Gin is temperature control during the distilling process. The temperature needs to be carefully monitored so that it does not get too high or too low as this can affect the flavor of the final product. Temperature also needs to be carefully monitored while aging as well so that it does not get too warm or too cold which can cause off-flavors in the gin.

Overall, New Western Gin is an interesting style of gin that has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its unique flavor profiles and distilling processes. It is crafted using different types of botanicals which are blended together before being distilled in copper stills and then aged in oak barrels for a certain amount of time. Temperature control during both processes is essential for creating a high-quality end product with an optimal flavor profile.

Characteristics of New Western Gin

New Western Gin is a type of gin that has been gaining popularity in the craft distilling world. It is characterized by its use of more unusual botanicals and a softer, less juniper-forward flavor profile. The gin has a lighter, more floral taste than traditional London dry or Navy Strength gins, with a smooth texture and subtle, complex flavor. Botanicals used in New Western Gin can include citrus fruits, spices, herbs, flowers, nuts and other natural ingredients.

The distillation process for New Western Gin is also different from traditional gins. It is distilled at lower temperatures and for shorter periods of time than other gins to preserve the delicate flavors of the botanicals used in the recipe. This makes it smoother and less harsh than traditional gins, which can be overpowering on the palate.

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New Western Gin has become popular among craft distillers as it allows them to create unique gins with their own recipes and flavor profiles. It also enables them to experiment with different botanicals and techniques to create new combinations that are not found in other types of gins. This makes it an ideal choice for those who want to explore the world of craft spirits and create their own signature style of gin.

New Western Gin is also often used in cocktails due to its milder flavor profile and its ability to pair well with different mixers and garnishes. Its subtle flavor allows for creative experimentation with different combinations that can enhance the overall drink experience. The use of unusual botanicals also gives bartenders the opportunity to create drinks that stand out from the crowd and add something unique to their cocktail lineup.

The Aromas and Flavors of New Western Gin

New Western Gin is one of the most popular types of gin on the market today. It has a unique flavor that is distinct from other gins, and it also has a wide range of aromas and flavors. The aroma of New Western Gin is usually described as having notes of juniper, citrus, and floral. The taste is also quite complex, with flavors such as juniper, citrus, herbs, spices, and even some earthy tones.

When crafting New Western Gin, distillers use a variety of botanicals to bring out the unique flavor profile. Common botanicals used include juniper berries, coriander seed, angelica root, cardamom pods, citrus peel, licorice root, cinnamon bark and many more. Each botanical adds its own distinct aroma or flavor to the gin. The result is a complex gin that has both sweet and spicy aromas and flavors.

New Western Gin can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. One popular way to enjoy it is in a classic martini or gin & tonic. It can also be used in cocktails such as the Negroni or Tom Collins. Alternatively it can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks for an even more intense experience.

New Western Gin has quickly become one of the most popular gins on the market today due to its unique flavor profile and versatility when crafting cocktails. Whether you are looking for something sweet or something spicy, New Western Gin is sure to satisfy your palate!

Using Botanicals to Enhance the Flavor of New Western Gin

Gin is a popular spirit that has been around for centuries, but recently there has been a surge in the popularity of New Western Gin. This style of gin is made with more modern ingredients, such as herbs and spices, that provide a more complex flavor profile than traditional gins. One way to make New Western Gin even more flavorful is by using botanicals. Botanicals are herbs, spices, and other plants that are used to add flavor and complexity to gin.

The most common botanicals used for making gin include juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, lemon peel, orris root, cassia bark, and licorice root. Each of these botanicals adds its own unique flavor and aroma to the gin. For example, juniper berries impart a slightly fruity flavor while coriander seeds impart a spicy flavor. Angelica root adds an earthy flavor while lemon peel adds a citrus note. Orris root provides a floral aroma while cassia bark imparts an intense spice note. Finally licorice root gives the gin a sweet and slightly smoky flavor.

When selecting botanicals for your New Western Gin it’s important to consider the overall flavor profile you’re trying to achieve as well as how each botanical will interact with the other flavors in the gin. Many distilleries will use multiple varieties of each botanical in order to create their desired flavor profile. In addition to choosing specific types of botanicals, distilleries can also vary the amounts used in order to achieve different levels of intensity for each flavor component.

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Using botanicals is an effective way to enhance the flavor of New Western Gin and create unique flavors that can’t be found in other styles of spirits. By carefully selecting and blending different varieties and amounts of each type of botanical it’s possible to create truly unique gins with complex and delicious flavors that will delight any palate!

Comparing the Different Types of New Western Gins

New Western gins are a type of gin that have been growing in popularity over the last few years. They are distilled in small batches and tend to be more complex and flavorful than traditional gins. There are several different types of New Western gins, each with its own unique flavor profile and characteristics. In this article, we will take a look at some of the different types of New Western gins, what makes them unique, and how they compare to each other.

The first type of New Western gin is barrel-aged gin. This type of gin is aged in wooden barrels for several months or even years. During this time, the gin takes on some of the flavors from the wood, giving it a unique flavor profile that is unlike traditional gins. Barrel-aged gins tend to be more complex than other types and can range from light and floral to robust and smoky.

The second type of New Western gin is dry-hopped gin. This type of gin uses hops during distillation to add a unique hop character to the spirit. The hops give it a bright citrusy flavor that can be quite refreshing when enjoyed neat or mixed into cocktails. Dry-hopped gins tend to be slightly sweeter than traditional gins and are usually quite balanced in flavor.

The third type of New Western gin is botanical-infused gin. This type of gin uses herbs and spices during distillation in order to add additional layers of complexity to the spirit. Botanical-infused gins tend to be more aromatic than traditional gins, with notes of herbs, spices, and even floral notes coming through on the palate. These types of gins also tend to have more body than other varieties, making them ideal for use in cocktails or as sipping spirits neat or on the rocks.

Finally, there is Navy Strength Gin which has been gaining popularity recently due to its high ABV (alcohol by volume). Navy Strength Gin has an ABV content between 57% – 60%, making it much stronger than traditional gins (which typically have an ABV between 40%-46%). It has a bolder flavor profile which can stand up better when mixed into cocktails as well as being enjoyed neat or on ice with tonic water or ginger ale as a highball drink.

When it comes down to comparing these different types of New Western Gins, it really comes down to personal preference as each one offers something different depending on what you’re looking for in terms of flavor profile and complexity levels. Barrel-aged Gin offers a smooth yet smoky character while dry-hopped Gin adds bright citrusy flavors; botanical-infused Gin adds layers upon layers of herbaceous aromas; and Navy Strength Gin brings boldness and strength with its higher ABV content – all perfect for crafting delicious drinks!


New Western gin is an exciting and rapidly growing spirit. There are many popular brands of New Western gin, ranging from small craft distillers to large distillers producing premium spirits. Whether you’re looking for a classic London Dry Gin or an experimental new expression, there’s sure to be a New Western gin that fits the bill.

No matter what type of New Western gin you’re looking for, there is something out there that will meet your needs and provide you with an enjoyable drinking experience. With so many great brands of New Western gin available, now is the perfect time to give it a try!



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