What is the alcohol content of Plymouth gin?

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Plymouth Gin is a brand of English gin that is produced in Plymouth, England. It has an alcohol content of 41.2% ABV (alcohol by volume). This makes it one of the higher alcohol content gins available on the market.

Plymouth Gin has a unique flavor profile thanks to its use of seven botanicals, which include juniper berries, lemon peel, orange peel, coriander seeds, angelica root, orris root and cassia bark. This combination creates a dry and earthy flavor with a subtle sweetness.

Plymouth Gin is a popular choice for mixed drinks and cocktails due to its high alcohol content and unique flavor profile. It is especially popular in traditional Gin & Tonics and Martini cocktails.Plymouth Gin is a brand of gin produced in Plymouth, England. It is made to a traditional recipe that dates back to the 1600s, and is believed to be the oldest gin brand in the world. Plymouth Gin has an ABV of 41.2%, making it slightly stronger than London Dry Gin which has an ABV of 37.5%.

Plymouth Gin has a distinctively smooth and complex flavour profile, derived from its eight carefully selected botanicals which include Juniper berries, Orris Root and Coriander Seed. The gin is distilled in small batches in traditional copper stills at the Black Friars Distillery in Plymouth, where it has been made since 1793.

The distillers at Black Friars Distillery use a unique distillation process known as ‘One Shot’ Distillation, where all of the botanicals are added directly to the still before distillation takes place. This ensures that all of the botanicals are extracted evenly during the process and produces a consistent flavour profile with every batch.

Plymouth Gin has a long history of being served as part of classic cocktails such as French 75, Pink Lady and White Lady. It can also be enjoyed neat over ice or with tonic water for a refreshing summer drink.

Alcohol Content of Plymouth Gin

Plymouth Gin is a brand of gin that has been in production since 1793. It is made from a blend of seven botanicals, which gives it a unique flavor and aroma. The alcohol content in Plymouth Gin is 40% ABV (Alcohol by Volume). This makes it one of the higher-strength gins available on the market.

The higher alcohol content gives Plymouth Gin its distinctively bold flavor and strong finish. This, combined with its unique blend of botanicals, makes it an ideal cocktail ingredient or great to enjoy on its own. It also has a complex, yet balanced taste that has made it a favorite among gin connoisseurs for centuries.

Plymouth Gin is made using the same unique recipe that has been used since 1793 and is distilled in small batches to ensure quality and consistency. The gin is then bottled with an ABV of 40%, making it one of the highest-strength gins available. It’s highly versatile nature makes it ideal for mixing cocktails or enjoying neat or on the rocks.

Plymouth Gin has been enjoyed around the world for centuries and its high-alcohol content ensures its bold flavor will stand out in any mixology creation or when enjoyed on its own. Its unique blend of botanicals make it perfect for both classic cocktails and modern concoctions alike, making it an essential part of any bar’s liquor cabinet.

Types of Plymouth Gin

Plymouth Gin is one of the most popular and widely consumed gins in the world. It has a unique flavor profile that is distinct from other gins, making it an excellent choice for both cocktails and sipping neat. There are several different types of Plymouth Gin available, each offering its own distinct flavor and character.

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The most common type of Plymouth Gin is the London Dry style, which is made with juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, cassia bark, and orris root. This style has a bold flavor that stands out when mixed in cocktails such as a Martini or Negroni.

Another popular type of Plymouth Gin is Navy Strength which was originally developed for sailors in the British Royal Navy during World War II. The higher alcohol content makes it perfect for use in cocktails that require a strong spirit such as a Ramos Gin Fizz or Aviation Cocktail.

A less common type of Plymouth Gin is Sloe Gin which is flavored with sloe berries that have been steeped in gin for several months. This style has a sweeter flavor than traditional dry gin and adds complexity to drinks like the Pimm’s Cup or French 75.

Finally, there are flavored gins such as raspberry or orange-flavored varieties which add a unique twist to classic gin drinks like the Tom Collins or Gimlet. These flavored gins are growing in popularity as bartenders look to create fun and creative cocktails for their guests.

No matter what type of Plymouth Gin you choose, you can be sure it will add depth and complexity to your cocktails or provide an enjoyable sipping experience when served neat.

Distillation Process of Plymouth Gin

The distillation process of Plymouth Gin is unique, and it has been used for centuries. The main component of the process is juniper berries, which are macerated in a neutral grain spirit for a minimum of 24 hours. This maceration period helps to extract the natural oils and flavours from the berries. After maceration, the mixture is distilled in a traditional copper pot still, with the vapours rising through a tall neck and condensing in an attached vessel. The resulting liquid is then transferred to oak barrels where it matures over time.

To enhance the flavour, additional botanicals such as angelica root, coriander seed and licorice are added during the distillation process, along with water to reduce alcohol levels. This gives Plymouth Gin its distinct flavour profile which includes hints of citrus and spice.

The final step in the process is bottling, where each bottle is filled by hand and labelled with a unique batch number. This batch number corresponds with a specific distillation date so that each bottle can be traced back to its original source.

Plymouth Gin has been produced according to this same method since 1793, making it one of oldest gins in existence today. Its unique distillation process makes it a truly special spirit that can be enjoyed by gin connoisseurs around the world.

History of Plymouth Gin

Plymouth Gin has a long and rich history that dates back to the 1700s. It was first produced in Plymouth, England by the Black Friars Distillery and soon became popular throughout the country. The gin was originally made with juniper berries, coriander, angelica root, and licorice root. Over time, additional botanicals such as lemon peel, orris root, cinnamon, bitter almond and others were added to create a more complex flavor.

The popularity of Plymouth Gin spread across Europe and beyond in the late 19th century when it was exported to other countries including America. It quickly became one of the most widely consumed gins in the United States and helped to create a whole new style of gin called “London Dry”. This style is characterized by its dryness, which is achieved by using less sugar than other styles of gin.

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Plymouth Gin is still made today by the Black Friars Distillery according to the same recipe that has been used for centuries making it one of the oldest gins in existence. It continues to be popular around the world due to its unique flavor profile as well as its long history and association with Plymouth England.

The spirit is now produced by The Black Friars Distillery under licence from Pernod Ricard UK Ltd., which acquired the brand from Coates & Co in 1996. The gin is sold in over 40 countries worldwide and has been awarded numerous awards for its quality throughout its history including “Best London Dry Gin” at the International Wine & Spirit Competition multiple times since 2000.

Regional Variations in Production of Plymouth Gin

Plymouth gin is a unique and distinctive style of gin that has been produced in the English port city of Plymouth since the early 1700s. It is made with a specific blend of botanicals, all sourced from the surrounding area, and has a strong juniper flavor. The gin has been distilled in Plymouth for centuries and is renowned for its distinctive taste and aroma. There are several regional variations in the production of Plymouth gin, each with its own unique characteristics.

In Devon, where Plymouth lies, the gin is made using hard water from Dartmoor, which gives it a slightly smoky flavor. It is also distilled at a lower proof than other gins, making it smoother on the palate. In London, where Plymouth was originally made by distillers migrating from Devon during the Industrial Revolution, it is distilled at a higher proof with an increased amount of juniper to give it more of an herbal character.

In Scotland, where Plymouth gin was first introduced to Europe by British sailors who had sampled it during their travels to America in the 1600s, local producers use soft water to produce a sweeter version with more floral notes. The Scottish version also tends to be lighter in color than other styles of gin due to the increased amount of juniper used in its production.

Finally, there are regional variations in how each version is served. In Devon and London, Plymouth gin is usually served neat while in Scotland it is often served with tonic or soda water as part of a cocktail or long drink.

No matter which variation you try though, you can be sure that you’re enjoying a classic English spirit that has been crafted using centuries-old methods and local ingredients for over 300 years!

Popular Cocktails with Plymouth Gin

The classic Martini is an iconic drink that has been enjoyed by many for over a century. Plymouth Gin is the perfect base for this classic. It’s dry, mellow flavor makes it ideal for mixing with other ingredients to create an unforgettable drink. The French 75 is another popular cocktail made with Plymouth Gin. This effervescent drink blends the tartness of lemon, sugar, and Plymouth Gin to create a refreshing and light cocktail. For those looking for something a little sweeter, the Aviation cocktail is a great option. This mix of maraschino liqueur, crème de violette, and Plymouth Gin creates a smooth and creamy flavor that is sure to please any palate. Finally, the Vesper Martini is an ideal combination of gin and vodka that takes its inspiration from James Bond’s favorite drink. All these cocktails are easy to make at home or enjoy out on the town with friends.

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Plymouth Gin is the perfect base spirit for any type of cocktail you can think of. Its mellow flavor and smooth finish make it ideal for use in any number of drinks from martinis to mojitos and beyond. Whether you’re looking to make a classic or something unique and creative, Plymouth Gin has you covered. So next time you’re in need of a delicious libation, don’t forget about this classic spirit!

Plymouth Gin – Serving Suggestions

Plymouth Gin is a delicious and versatile spirit that can be enjoyed in many different ways. Whether you’re looking for something classic or something a bit more creative, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this gin. Here are some great serving suggestions for Plymouth Gin:

Classic Martini
The classic martini is always a crowd-pleaser. Start by mixing two ounces of Plymouth Gin with one ounce of dry vermouth in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with an olive or lemon twist for added flavor.

Gin and Tonic
A gin and tonic is a classic combination that’s sure to please any guest. To make, pour two ounces of Plymouth Gin over ice in a highball glass. Top with tonic water, adding lime juice and a lime wedge to taste. This easy-to-make cocktail is refreshing and perfect for hot summer days!


This classic Italian cocktail has become increasingly popular in recent years. To make the perfect Negroni, pour one ounce of Plymouth Gin, one ounce of Campari and one ounce of sweet vermouth into an ice-filled rocks glass. Stir gently and garnish with an orange peel before serving.

Tom Collins

The Tom Collins is another classic cocktail that’s perfect for sipping on warm summer days. Start by mixing two ounces of Plymouth Gin with three quarters of an ounce each of fresh lemon juice and simple syrup in an ice-filled collins glass. Top off the glass with club soda, stir gently and garnish with a lemon wheel before serving.

Gin Fizz

For something light and refreshing, try making a gin fizz! Combine two ounces of Plymouth Gin, three quarters of an ounce each of fresh lemon juice and simple syrup in an ice-filled shaker tin. Shake vigorously before straining into an ice-filled collins glass. Top off the glass with club soda and garnish with a lemon wedge before serving!


Plymouth gin is an alcoholic beverage that is typically 40% alcohol by volume (ABV). The strength of Plymouth gin makes it a popular choice for cocktails and mixed drinks since the flavor of the gin will be more pronounced. Plymouth gin can also be enjoyed neat or with ice. It has a mild flavor that is slightly sweet with hints of juniper, citrus, and spice.

The alcohol content of Plymouth Gin can be altered by adding water or other mixers to the drink. This will lower the ABV, making it more suitable for those who prefer less intense drinks.

Overall, Plymouth Gin is a high-quality spirit with a strong ABV that makes it ideal for cocktails and mixed drinks. Its mild flavor and subtle sweetness make it an excellent choice for enjoying neat or on the rocks.

No matter what kind of drink you are looking for, Plymouth Gin has something to offer!



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